Monitoring ratifications of international treaties

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Monitoring ratifications of international treaties

Migrant Forum in Asia has compiled international labor rights and human rights instruments signed, acceded and ratified by Member States in Asia. MFA has been for years campaigning and monitoring the ratifications of rights instruments that protect and promote the rights of all, including migrant workers and members of their families.

This data is regularly updated and serves as educational and advocacy materials.

UN Core Conventions

ILO Fundamental Conventions

ILO Technical Conventions

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2nd Diplomacy Training Program in the Middle East

al arab newspaperThe Diplomacy Training Program (DTP) and the Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA) held its 2nd regional capacity building program on human rights advocacy and migrant workers in the Middle East.  The training program took place 10-14 November 2013 in Doha, Qatar and was hosted by the National Human Rights Committee, Qatar. DTP is an independent NGO seeking to advance human rights and empower civil society through quality education and training and the building of skills and capacity in NGOS.  DTP and MFA have been working in partnership together for 10 years to build the capacity of advocates to protect and promote the rights of migrant workers.

The training program was intended to build knowledge and skills of participants through review of internationally agreed standards and mechanisms related to migrant workers, experience sharing of advocacy work, and fostering support networks and collaboration between countries of origin and destination.

Lawyers who are partners of MFA were present at the 2nd capacity building program in Doha, Qatar.