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Resource: Policy briefs on the role of missions and shelters

Category : MFA Policy Briefs

Migrant Forum in Asia issued new policy briefs which are useful for advancing migrants rights advocacy:

The role of missions in protecting and promoting the rights of migrant workers

There is an evident gap between the perceptions of embassy officials and migrant communities with respect to the role of the foreign mission. Migrant communities and migrants rights advocates have long held that foreign missions must strengthen their presence, responses, and advocacy on behalf of their nationals, particularly when human rights violations occur.

Providing shelter for distressed migrant workers: A rights-based approach.

The shelter exists because of the real and stark human cost of labour migration and restrictive immigration systems for low-income international Asian migrant workers. Protection of migrant workers must ultimately begin with prevention of human and labour rights violations of all migrant workers, regardless of immigration status; so that the demand for shelters would be significantly diminished. Given the failure to protect migrant workers, rights-based shelters can provide migrant workers who have been exploited and abused with vital support and assistance. Ensuring justice for the victims of rights violations remains essential for credible protection.

Check out MFA’s complete set of policy briefs here

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News map

Category : News map

This mapping of news aims to show what is happening on the ground, gives visibility to issues of migrant workers and members of their families, and can be one of the evidence base for the push for ratification of the UN Migrant Workers Convention and related human rights and labour rights treaties.

Disclaimer: Red markers “mark” the countries where the news are reported, they do not plot specific coordinates, towns or locations.

MFA is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

This map is originally posted on the Step It Up campaign. See here