Frequently Asked Questions on Labour Law and Redress Mechanisms

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Frequently Asked Questions on Labour Law and Redress Mechanisms

During the fist meeting of Lawyers Beyond Borders in Bangkok, the group drew up a series of frequently asked questions that could be used to guide migrant workers, civil society advocates, and NGOs when workers require basic legal advice.

The first four questions are as follows:

1.  Are migrant workers protected by the labor law and labor regulations in your country? If so, then which provisions of the labor law are most relevant and useful to lawyers, advocates, and migrant workers? Are there any restrictions on the application of the labor law to migrant workers in your country? Explain.

2.  What is the first point of contact for purposes of litigation in criminal complaints? In labor complaints? Compare and contrast. What is the statute of limitations for filing civil, labor, or criminal complaints with the courts on behalf of migrant workers in your country? Provide details.

3.  Do various types of contracts exist for migrant workers in your country? Are migrant workers and their employers obliged to sign a standard unified contract in order to be eligible for a work permit from the Ministry of Labor? Is there a distinction between limited and unlimited contracts in your country? Explain.

4.  Where can migrant workers find legal advice and legal representation in your country? Who currently offers these services and who pays for them?

Click here to download compiled answers for the country contexts of Bahrain, Jordan, Lebanon, Nepal, Philippines, and Qatar.