5th World Social Forum on Migration

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5th World Social Forum on Migration

wsfm logoFrom 26-30 November, the Philippines will host the 5th World Social Forum on Migration.

The World Social Forum on Migration (WFSM) is one of the thematic processes of the World Social Forum (WSF). The WSF is a global process of, and by, social movements, mass organisations, civil society, activists and advocates. As reflected by its slogan, “Another World Is Possible”, the WSFM explores an alternative world order, and the building of societies and communities characterized by mutually-beneficial relationships among people and with the environment. WSF promotes and consolidates a globalization of solidarity, collective analysis, discourse, and people’s action.

The WSFM provides a space for democratic debate, reflection, sharing of ideas and experiences, cultural exchange, socialization, networking, enhancing solidarity, consensus-building, discussion of plans and strategies, and popularization of positions, agendas and actions on migration and mobility-related issues. “Migration and mobility” includes but are not limited to:

  • labor migration
  • refugees, asylum-seekers and internally displaced people
  • trafficking and smuggling of people
  • internal and cross-border migration
  • families and communities of migrants
  • the economic, political, social, cultural and gender dimensions of migration and mobility
  • rights, principles and standards of protection for migrants and their families
  • the linkages between migration and human rights, development, economy and finance, food and jobs, environment, governance, citizenship, etc.
  • strategies, responses and advocacies on the above issues
Some lawyers from the Lawyers Beyond Borders network will be delegates at the WSFM, and a workshop on the Kafala System is being facilitated by Kathleen Hamill, network member. For more information, visit www.wsfm2012.org.